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For those who know they have a
higher calling in life!

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The FutureMega concept was created in 2012 by the famed producer and celebrity star-maker Nick Cooper. He made a point in empowering those that have saught him out to develop the tools needed to become the next FutureMega star. From that point the seeds were planted for manifestation. 

Since that genesis idea, Nick has empowered hundreds of people and also influenced billions of people by positive osmosis. You can now benefit off of the powerful energy that has stoked the flame of some of the most well known celebrities and influencers. It is time for you to make a statement to the world that you are the next
Future Mega Star!

Wearing FutureMega is a statement to the world. You are letting everyone around you know that you have next and are taking all of the chances needed to get to the highest plateau. Whether wearing the clothing on a jet or being active playing sports, the FutureMega statement will be magnified by you from wearing it as your statement.

Our clothing comes with a unique verification that shows you have one of the official pieces of a limited collection. You can store your NFT in your wallet and show your friends your unique verified FutureMega NFT or can transfer/gift anyone you want.

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For those who know they have a higher calling in life!


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When you are representing FutureMega you are showing your motivation and hunger to take yourself to the next level. The FutureMega message works for any field of endeavor. No matter what your vocation or interest, if you are wearing FutureMega is your statement to the universe that you are putting in the work to take yourself and your brand to the Champions sphere.
* Limited Numbers with Limited Collections.
* Shows Authenticity & Solidarity With Our Message.
* Conscious yet Hypebeast at the same time.

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About the Nick Cooper.

Nick Cooper infuses fresh energy into up-in-coming and seasoned artists willing to take their craft to a deeper, more fulfilling level. More than a vocal coach, this creative director and founder of The Vocal Corner Store, located in Los Angeles, has dedicated 20 years to successfully reshape, repackage, and refuel artists’ authentic gifts for a higher purpose on the global entertainment landscape.

Nick established himself over the next two decades as an innovative singer/arranger. This positioned him to become The Vocal Coach and Arranger to the Stars. He’s helped hone the talent of Grammy Award winners Beyonce, Israel Houghton, Smokie Norful, and Mary Mary; award-nominated actor Terrance Howard; top artists Ciara, David Douchovny, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Jada Pinkett Smith, Harold Perrineau, Katy Perry, and Vanessa Williams; hot young artists Ryan Beatty, Jason Derulo, Jessica Lowndes, and Zendaya; athletes Laila Ali and Lewis Hamilton; and rising stars Dylan Allen, Kendal Ferguson, Halle & Chloe, and Pia Mia, a Vocal Corner Store Bootcamp graduate.

Nick Cooper